Registration opens in:

31-1-2 Maart/April, Enschede


So you wanna sign up for the LAN-party? You can! All you need is a valid syntaxis-account and some patience to wait for the countdown to run out. When the countdown ends and registration opens, you'll be able to log in to the website using your Syntaxis account. After you claim a seat, your account will be charged the €15,- admission fee. For this fee, you'll get an awesome weekend with fun people, cool competitions and awesome prizes! The LAN-party starts on friday at 19:00 and will go on until sunday afternoon! As you probably know, the LAN-party is held on the 4th floor OTSWO of the Epy Drost building. During this weekend, we'll be playing various competitions which you can join, but of course you're free to play whichever games you like! Syntaxis provides you with power, an internet connection, breakfast, dinner, coffee, tea and a place to sleep (yeah, right..) . The only things you need to bring are your gaming setup and an overnight bag! If you're not sure if you can still access your account, head on over to the Syntaxis website to test your log in or retrieve your password!


Once you've set up your gaming rig, you're good to go! Play whichever games you like with whomever you want, all weekend long! If you feel like it, you can use our discord server to set up your own competition or find players for a cooperative game.

Seat, Eat, Sleep

When you sign up for the Syntaxis LAN-party, you get to pick your own spot where you can set up your gaming rig, plenty of coffee and tea to get you through the weekend, access to the Syntaxis office to get other drinks or food, and a place to sleep.

Win prizes

The LAN-party committee also organises some competitions! Throughout the LAN-party, we will host various competitions. Participate in these to win some awesome prizes!